Knit a onesie

This is a pattern for knitting a onesie with a zipper down the front. It is knit from the top down using raglan increases. The next couple of weeks I will be releasing a series of videos where I show you how to knit the more difficult parts of it. In these I will also show you alternative ways of making up the pattern and how to change certain things around.

You acn download the pattern here:
knit s Onesie by AuntJohanne
The pattern can be printed, just make sure your printer is set to “letter” and please note that there are a lot of pictures in it.

This is the first video! In this I show you how to work up the yoke and how to take off the sts for the sleeves on waste yarn.

Alternative: Socks

This is a pattern for making a sock, rather than ending the onesie like a pair of pants.

52 on the round = 26 on a sock heel

Row 1
k24, TP

Row 2
p22, TP

Row 3
k20, TP

Row 4
p18, TP

Row 5
k16, TP

Row 6
p14, TP

Row 7
k12, TP

Row 8
p10, TP

Row 9
k8, TP

Row 10
p6, TP

Row 11
k6, kTP, TP

Row 12
p7, pTP, TP

Row 13
k8, kTP, kTP, TP

Row 14
p10, pTP, pTP, TP

Row 15
k12, kTP, kTP, TP

Row 16
p14, pTP, pTP, TP

Row 17
k16, kTP, kTP, TP

Row 18
p18, pTP, pTP, TP

Row 19
k20, kTP, kTP, TP

Row 20
p22, pTP, pTP, TP

Row 21
k24, kTP, kTP, TP k the rest of the sts

k to the other heal, repeat the short rows above.
When you return to find your TP’s, k them as they appear.

Now for the toe:
Round 1
K1, ssk, k until last 3 sts, k2tog, k1

Round 2
K all sts
Repeat round 1 and 2 until there are 4 sts left on each needle (you will have 2 rounds of 8), kitchener the two toes.


Picking up for the sleeves is quite easy, I will show you how in this video.